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"I enjoy coming for my visit with you. You are very personable and put me at ease the very first appointment and thereafter. I feel very relaxed and good after coming to see you. I recommend you when the subject comes up."

D.P. Victoria BC

"After suffering from low energy for several years without finding any solutions, I decided to try Chinese healing approaches. During my first visit with Kathleen, she did an assessment of my health and recommended some relatively simple changes to how I prepared my meals. After following her advice I immediately experienced a noticable improvement in my energy. I was amazed. Over the next few weeks, Kathleen worked on further improving my energy through various techniques including acupuncture and Chinese massage. I had never experienced acupuncture before and was quite nervous about it but Kathleen was very gentle and provided painless and effective treatments. I haven't felt this good in years. My husband has also been suffering from low energy and after seeing how much I improved, he decided to see Kathleen for treatment as well and is also coming along nicely. We are very grateful for Kathleen and her healing skills and experience."

K.S. Victoria BC

"I noticed positive change in my sleep after only a few weeks, I was sleeping for longer than I have in years! I have PTSD and I was getting nightmares a lot. I was only sleeping a few hours at a time before accupuncture. The nightmares have also been markedly reduced!"

N.P. Victoria, BC

"Talk about the simple pleasures. A marvelous mastery of muscle manipulation by a motherly maven, I would recommend Tui Na massage to all of my friends. Upon leaving my session with Kathleen I was accosted by a perfect stranger on the street who was attracted by a certain spring in my step. I must confess I was feeling like a new man."

R.B. Victoria BC

"My knee is doing awesome,I am working out and doing normal activity again without the bother of a sore knee, which I wasn't sure would be possible with the consistency of pain I was feeling before. Thanks again for all of your help."

S.R. Victoria BC